Other Important Messages

The Ten Secrets: Our Lady has conveyed ten specific messages to the Visionaries that are reported to affect the whole world. Mirjana Stanislava Vasilj-Zuccarini (bibliography reference 3) reports that "five secrets were revealed to each of the visionaries which refer to some future events. The third secret would be a visible sign on Apparition Hill for everybody, including non-believers, to see". All six visionaries know which sign it will be and four of them know the date on which it will appear. They explained that many miraculous healings would take place following its appearance. There would be little time left for conversion". Our Lady would appear only a few more times after this. At this time, Ivan, Vicka, and Marija have each received 9 secrets and still receive daily apparitions from Our Lady. Ivanka, Mirjana and Jakov have received all 10 secrets and will see Our Lady once per year for the rest of their lives: Ivanka on the anniversary of the apparitions (June 25); Jakov at Christmas; and Mirjana on her birthday. Mirjana will disclose the secrets via Franciscan Father Peter Ljubicic at the time Our Lady chooses. It is unknown whether the same nine or ten secrets are being received by each of the visionaries. For further information of the ten secrets:

Our Lady of Peace: Our Lady requests June 25th to be a feast day honoring her as the Queen of Peace. The peace of Christ comes from greater faith, prayer, fasting, penance and conversion.

Heaven, Purgatory, Hell and Satan: The six visionaries report having seen heaven. Those willing have been also shown purgatory and hell. Our Lady was reported by Mirjana as saying: "most people go to purgatory, the next greatest to hell, and only a few go directly to heaven." Mirjana suggests purgatory has different levels, some closer to hell and others higher and closer to heaven. Our Lady says of those in purgatory: "those people are waiting for your prayers and sacrifices."

The Urgency of Our Lady's Messages: From 1983, Our Lady has appealed for immediate conversion. There will be a first sign for non-believers though there may be too little time for them to have a conversion.